Procedure Preparation

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General Preparation Information

It’s important to prepare for you endoscopic procedure in order to have a successful exam. Your health status and current medications will be reviewed so we can provide you with the best preparation for you. Detailed instructions will be provided for you prior to your procedure. Read them over well before your appointment.

Below we have printable copies of our most common preparation instructions. If you are unsure which set of preparation instructions are recommended for you, please call our office at 208-489-1900.

DAY OF PROCEDURE – If you have not had any bowel movements with the prep, were unable to tolerate the prep, or completed the prep as directed but are still having formed or semi-formed stool, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can discuss this before your appointment.

  1. Nulytely Preparation Instructions
  2. Preparación Nulytely (en español)
  3. Miralax Preparation Instructions
  4. Preparación de Miralax (en español)
  5. Sutab Preparation Instructions
  6. 2 Day Nulytely Vigorous Preparation Instructions
  7. 3 Day Nulytely Vigorous Preparation Instructions

  1. Sample Clear Liquid Diet
  2. Low Fiber / Full Liquid / Clear Liquid Diet
  3. How to Tell if your Bowel is Clean Prior to Colonoscopy
  4. Frequently Asked Questions for Procedure Preparation

Pre-admission Education Videos provided by the American Gastroenterological Association (By clicking on these links, you are leaving the Digestive Health Clinic Website.)

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