Miralax Preparation Instructions

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Miralax Procedure Preparation

Colonoscopy examination requires a bowel prep prior to the procedure. It’s very important to have a clean colon, without retained stool, to ensure the best examination results. By the end of your bowel prep your stool should be liquid, either clear or yellow in color. If your stool remains brown at the end of your prep there will be decreased visualization of your colon, and chances are that your exam will need to be rescheduled. Read and follow the instructions below carefully. If instructions are not followed, your physician may not be able to complete your procedure.

Special instructions for patients to which the following applies:

  • Heart Defibrillators:

    • Please call our office immediately to inform the office staff if you have a heart defibrillator. If so, your procedure will need to be scheduled at the hospital setting.
  • Blood thinners (examples include Coumadin, Plavix, Eliquis, Xarelto, etc.):

    • If you are on blood thinners, you are required to call our office at (208) 489-1887.
    • Your colonoscopy examination may need to be repeated if a large polyp is found while taking blood thinners.
  • Diabetes/Weight Loss Medication:

    • If you are taking medications for diabetes, please call your primary care doctor to inform them that you are having a colonoscopy examination. Ask them if your medication doses need to be adjusted and if so, how to adjust them during your colonoscopy preparation and on the day of your procedure.
    • Remember to check your blood sugars frequently throughout the day before your colonoscopy procedure and on the day of your colonoscopy procedure.
    • GLP1(Glucagon-Like Peptide-1) - Weight Loss Medications (Trulicity, Bydureon, Byetta, Saxenda, Victoza, Adlyzin, Ozempic, Wegovy, Rybelsus)
      • If GLP1 dose is daily, DO NOT take on day of procedure.
      • If GLP1 dose is weekly, DO NOT if procedure is within 7 days.
  • Peritoneal Dialysis:

    • Your check in time may change if you are receiving peritoneal dialysis. You are required to call our office at (208)489-1887 prior to your appointment.

Helpful Hints

  • Examples of FULL LIQUID MEAL MAY INCLUDE: Cream of Wheat (no oatmeal or grits), strained creamed soups (no pieces or chunks of vegetables or meats), flavored yogurt (without pieces of fruit), milkshakes and Ensure nutrition shakes
  • Examples of CLEAR LIQUIDS MAY INCLUDE: water, chicken broth, apple or white grape juice, sport drinks, popsicles, Jell-O, coffee & tea(no cream), and soft drinks. Please avoid red & purple liquids.
  • Using a straw and/or sucking on hard candy may help you drink the solution.
  • If you become nauseated or feel chilled during your bowel preparation, stop the prep for at least 30 minutes before resuming.


  • Visit our website: www.digestivehealthclinic.com for educational videos on your procedure.
  • Call our office during regular business hours (8am to 430pm) at 208-489-1887. If after 430pm, please call 208-489-1900.
  • Remember, millions of Americans undergo a colonoscopy every year. YOU CAN DO THIS!


5-7 Days prior to your procedure

Purchase your bowel prep from your grocery store as indicated below.

Dulcolax 5mg tablets & 238grams of Miralax (equivalent to 2 weeks supply)

Make arrangements for a responsible adult driver to accompany you on the day of your procedure and drive you home.

NOTE: If your driver cannot be confirmed when you arrive, we will NOT be able to provide sedation, and your procedure may need to be rescheduled. Drivers are required to stay during the entirety of your procedure. Taxi or Uber transportation will NOT be accepted forsafety reasons

3 Days prior to your procedure

Avoid raw fruits, vegetables, lettuce, and red & purple liquids

Stop taking over-the-counter supplements and iron, including multi-vitamins containing iron, and fiber supplements.

Do not eat foods containing small seeds, corn, or nuts.

Begin a low fiber diet and stop all fiber supplements such as Metamucil, Citrucel, and Benefiber.

See www.digestivehealthclinic.com for suggestions on low fiber diet.

The day prior to your procedure

For breakfast, you may have a full liquid meal and as many clear liquids as you can tolerate.

After breakfast, you may only consume clear liquids.

Stay hydrated! Very Important!

Drink at least one liter of water before starting your bowel preparation

Confirm your responsible adult driver for procedure day

We prefer your driver stay in the area during the procedure and be available at time of discharge to hear all instructions (expected duration from check-in: 2-3 hours)

Begin bowel preparation -

See attached detailed instructions of your prep formula if provided instructions differ from those on your bottle, use our Instructions

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Continue to drink clear liquids all evening until bed

Day of your procedure

At least 4 hours before your procedure time

start the second half of your bowel prep formula

At least 2 hours before your procedure time

Take your regularly scheduled medications with only sips of water- unless instructed to stop on page 1.

Continue to hydrate until 2 hours before your arrival time and then STOP!


  • take antacids (Maalox, Pepto Bismol, Mylanta, etc.)
  • use creamer in your coffee
  • take any pain medications or use marijuana
  • chew gum, hard candy, or lozenges (Less than 2 hours from your scheduled procedure)

For the 2 hours before your procedure time: Absolutely NOTHING by mouth!!

Your procedure WILL BE DELAYED OR CANCELLED if you eat or drink anything during this time (this includes use of a drinking fountain)

Remember to bring your photo ID, insurance card, and updated medication list.

We cannot be responsible for your valuables (watches or various jewelry items). Please leave these at home.

Bowel Preparation Instructions

Miralax Dulcolax Split Dose: Obtain over the counter

  • Day before procedure:
    • 1.
      3:00PM Take 2 Dulcolax pills
    • 2. 5:00PM Mix the 238 gram bottle of Miralax in 64 oz of Gatorade, Gatorade 2, Crystal Light, water, or any clear liquid of your choice.
    • 3. Drink one glass (8oz.) every 5-10 minutes until half (32 oz.) of the solution is gone. Complete within 1-2 hours of starting.
    • 4. Refrigerate remaining solution.
  • Day of procedure:
    • 1. 4 hours before procedure, shake remaining half (32 oz.) of Miralax solution.
    • 2. Drink one glass (8oz.) every 5-10 minutes until the solution is gone.
    • 3. You must finish drinking the remaining half of the solution at least 2 hours before your procedure.